Saturday, August 21, 2010

Why Meow?

> By the way; Jay, what does Meow mean?

I am cat people. I like cats. A lot.

Once I was dancing around the house with my Cat in my arms (She thought it was as weird as you do, and dissapproved). I was also babbling happily about something or other.

"And what do you think about that, Kitty?" I asked.

She seemed to look at me with cold derision and say "What do you *think* I Think? Meow!"

As I let her down I realized that life can't be all that easy when all you have is one word to express yourself with. My Cat manages quite fine, spinning her one word into fanciful stories and even vile lies - "I've never been fed in *my whoooollleee Liiiiifffffeee*!"

Then I realized that no matter how intelligent I think I am, how pithy or deep anything I say is, To my cat it is essentially one long, overly complicated "meow!"

So I added ~Meow!~ to my signatures to say

A) I like cats

B) Hello! (Pet me, feed me, etc) As any friendly cat might

C) Remember, from a certain point of view, all of this is overly complicated mouth noises. Don't take it too seriously.

Jay ~Meow!~

Friday, August 20, 2010

A joke my Dad told me

One day a City Slicker happened upon two good ol' boys down on the farm. The City Slicker showed them a bottle of brown pills "Boys, these are smart pills, guaranteed to increase your brain power and raise your IQ."

"How much are they?" One of the good ol' boys asks.

"Three dollars per bottle. Results guaranteed or your money back!"

The good old boys scrounged through their pockets and cobbled together three dollars.

Making the excange the Good ol' boys each took one of the brown, flaky pills out of the bottle and swallowed them down.

The taste was horrible

Grimancing one of the good ol' boys said "Mister, those things taste like goat turds!"

the City Slicker smiled "See? They're Working!"